Courtyard observe attempts to accept and appreciate the space brought by concrete channelization. Broad and flat like aircraft runways, the concrete bottom of the river offers a unique apocalypse emptiness for artists to roam, think, and observe. Platforms of varying heights are erected to exhibit artworks, even under flooding situations. They also amplify the changing water levels and are simply elegant to watch on an extremely rainy day.

Courtyard stray reveals the original river bottom, which still could be seen along part of the LA River. Rather than repopulating the space with the natural riparian landscape setting, the courtyard is curated like a theme park labyrinth, with concrete walls and native plants blocking your ways. The meandering walking experience is a great way of meditating. In a way, the courtyard tries to examine similar subjects like cyborg and synthetic humans: how natural is nature?

Courtyard immerse is an exact reconstruction of the LA River riparian habitat. Situated in the center of the project, the courtyard is the Garden of Eden. Surrounded by many collective programs of the hostel, it is meant to be shared and immersed by all guests and visitors. Ironically, the very original nature has to be recreated in the “nature” - the one that every single one of us is in our entire life.

Courtyard liberate is a choreographed imitation of the current trends in the architectural field when dealing with flooding, sea level rise, and post-industrial sites, and these trends are also reflected in numerous competitions regarding the LA River revitalization. These ideas of terraced planting areas and post-industrial fusion provide as much usefulness as playfulness, and many of them would fail. Regardless, it is a great place to dance, act, and perform.

Courtyard permeate is a floated and layered space. What Bladerunner illustrates about the future of LA could become true one day: what would the River be looking like? Filtered and contained by a layer of material, music generated in this space might distort and inspire something new. Structured by high performance glass and steel, the floated space could become an exciting outdoor music performance venue for visitors roaming around the ground level open galleries.